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Stethoscope #7, Partially Beaded in Purple, Silver & Black, Mayan Design


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Beautiful full or partial beaded stethoscopes... many different colors & styles available, or special on request! 25% of these sales go directly to buy more medicines for our local free clinics and medical "jornadas" here in Guatemala. There is very little governmental support for health care in Guatemala, so medicines and free medical care is truly life-saving.


We bead using our standard premier quality Czech glass beads, on interchangeable inexpensive stethoscope tubing, or we can bead over more expensive tubing or a new stethoscope if it is provided to us, or we order it in advance. We have tested the beading and it stands up to cleaning with bleach and harsh solvents. It normally takes one to three weeks to bead a stethoscope, so let us know ahead of time or purchase one that is already ready.


We have partially beaded or fully beaded stethoscopes, and can provide matching beaded bracelets and earrings or any other accessory you can think of! (matching bracelets available under "flat bracelets.") We can also provide beautiful handwoven stethoscope and blood pressure bags in a variety of styles and colors for your group or individuals. Thank you to all the wonderful medical people who come here for the medical "jornadas" that literally save so many lives. God bless and gracias!


Fully beaded stethoscope is $250.00, partially beaded $150.00. Discounts available to small or large groups @ $50 off! (3 or more partially beaded for $100.00 each, or 3 or more fully beaded for $200.00 each). Remember, 25% of proceeds are used to buy more medicines for when our life-saving medical groups leave! This means $25 to $50 is donated for medicines, for every beaded stethoscope sold!


Order online here, or contact us for your colors & discount code: email AtitlanArts@gmail.com