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Gringa Guipil (Huipil)~ Gold Birds of Santiago


 We are creating the "Gringa Guipil" jacket out of the beautiful hand-woven and embroidered blouses worn by the indigenous Mayan Indians who live around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. (Spelled "guipil," "guipile" or "huipil".)

We are making the "tipica" blouses into jackets with buttons or zippers, and tailoring them in American sizes. This gorgeous gold guipil is embroidered with the Birds of Santiago, and worn by Lidia, who along with her mother, brings us our keychains from her pueblo across the lake. She did the weaving and her sister embroidered it. Here you can see Lidia working with Delphia, our office manager, in our Atitlan Arts Design Studio in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Make an appointment and visit sometime!

We don't have a final price yet, but our new jackets should be ready soon: all they are lacking is the lining. I am posting this gorgeous guipil with the average price a huipil / guipil of this type would cost. It is one of the more elaborate and expensive ones. 

We will have many more beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind jackets and blouses in all price ranges soon!

Read more about Guatemalan tipica fabrics and guipiles / huipiles on wikipedia or via a google search.