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LARGE Hand-Beaded Alligator, Museum Quality Collector's Item! [Reptile]

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This is a special, custom order item that takes two to three months to complete. We have sold this one, but if you just love it (as we do) and want another, let us know. It's one of our finest "museum-quality" pieces and a real collector's item. If you order another, you will have the second one in the world! These pieces are numbered and dated and we make very few of them.

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This hand-beaded alligator is over 2 feet long, 26 inches tip to tail, complete with teeth and and a fierce look in his eyes!

Our museum quality sculptural beaded alligator is a great piece to add to an important collection. It would be a great gift for any reptile lover or alligator wrestler you might happen to know! It's made here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, where I live and work with the Mayan artisans most of the year. It is so realistic that I have pulled this out of a bag and said "Look what I brought for dinner!" and the Guatemalans all ran for their machetes!

Using finest quality premium Czech seed beads, crystals and semi-precious stone chips, it took one of our most experienced beaders over 1,000 hours to finish this extraordinary piece. The purchase of beautiful, unique products such as this one benefits an entire Guatemalan family, from the work provided by one museum collector's piece. This means food on the table, education for the children, and medical help for the whole family! Gracias, amigos!


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This ships from Tapirback.com in the U.S., who is also presenting many of our most popular and museum quality pieces.

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