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Featured Items

Back from Guatemala!

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Fabric Arts and Beadwork
in our workshop / atelier ("taller")

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America.
I have waited all my life to do this and I can't believe I'm here, and have been here since 2006! Everyone works together and is so happy doing so. It's the magic of faith, patience and prayer, which the artisans teach me and show me every single day.
Cecilia Pacajoj (left and bottom) from Chichicastenango, displaying her incredible array of hand-embroidered wall hangings. Peacocks, birds, flowers and more. Also beautiful "stories" from Mayan folktales.
Rosario, our house manager (left photo, top right), discussing selvage edges with Cecilia.
Sarah Matzar quilts on the wall.
All are for sale. Email for colors, sizes & prices, custom or ready-made.
Most embroidered wall hangings are priced between $80.00 to $140.00;
smaller ones available for much less. Custom requests for any color combination or size.
Contact AtitlanArts@gmail.com
:) smile!


How it begins:

Tania working on our Gringa Guipiles with embroidered and beaded grape leaves and trapunto quilting; Lida & Claudia working on new Christmas ornaments with beads and crystals and poinsettia "joyería" (jewelry). We have many more artisans that do a whole variety of styles and materials, and I will begin posting more photos in the coming months. I have never been around more creative people in my life & it's such a blessing to be here. We can open international markets for them and their beautiful work.
Gracias a Dios!

Poinsettia ornament, brooch and necklace. Single and Double flowers. Gorgeous!
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Fair Trade Pricing & Our Artisans

Catherine Todd, owner (left) and some of our Mayan Artisans in 2012
Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America
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About Us, New Pricing & "Fair Trade"

March 2015

Uploading new products again, as we do twice a year.

Take a look at our new metal hammered keychains in gold and silver, with curb chains. They are just beautiful. Enjoy!

September 2014

We have over 250 new keychain images uploaded... and have another 250 new jewelry pieces to add. Please note our new pricing, as we have finally had to raise keychain and some other prices 50 cents to $1.00 each. Bead and material costs have risen over the past couple of years, and we have tried to absorb the cost. At this point we have to increase our prices a little bit to keep paying the artisans more for their material cost. This is "fair trade" in my book.

We operate on "Fair Trade" principals and pay a good price for the work we request & receive, as well as pay many extra medical and educational benefits to the artisans we work with. We either had to raise prices or cut wages & benefits (which we would not do), so we chose to raise prices very slightly. 50¢ in the U.S. is very little, but it goes a long way in Guatemala! We think everyone will be "happy to help" while still receiving a quality, beautiful and often unique piece of gorgeous handmade Czech glass beadwork. 

Gracias, amigos and amigas...
Please come visit us at lovely Lake Atitlan, Guatemala,
Central America anytime!


Note: We have seen a few sellers advertise themselves as "Fair Trade" in Great Big Letters, yet they retail the products for less than the price we pay the artisans! How can this be "fair trade?" Any business has overhead costs, so if they are selling for less than we are paying, the artisans must be getting next to nothing. They may also be using second class beads which fade and break very quickly. We operate on Fair Trade Principles because we believe in this. Just because someone displays the "Fair Trade" logo doesn't mean it's fair trade. None of this is checked or verified; the logo is purchased and that's all. If the product is cheaper than most, you can be sure it's not "fair."

If you really want to help the people in Guatemala, you can help support two groups we support: MayanFamilies.org in Panajachel, and CECAP in Santa Cruz la Laguna. They do all kinds of medical and educational programs for the local indigenous Mayans, and a whole lot more.


We don't compete on price, although we are certainly within the same price range as most others who display "fair trade" notices. We provide the best quality and finest designs possible, with fair wages & benefits paid to the artisans themselves. Our prices are inline with most on the web & our goal is to increase jobs and markets for the indigenous Mayans living on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Central America. These jobs pay for educational and medical expenses, none of which are free in Guatemala.

We produce beautiful high quality work, custom designs

The best collections on the web,

And the best customer satisfaction & service!




Work Notes:

18 August 2014

Uploading 500+ more products and it's taking awhile... please bear with us while our products are a bit out of order.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call! You can still order using our regular shopping cart.
Free NC USA Skype: 919-725-7336, email: AtitlanArts@gmail.com
Hola! We're back... unpacking & shipping like crazy! Start ordering now to get your stuff fast!
1 August 2014
To Guatemala
July 7 - 29, 2014
We will ship orders when we get back to the USA starting August 1, 2014.
You are welcome to order now if you are able to wait for shipment,
or email us with custom requests as it is always better for me
to be there in Guatemala in person with special orders or custom designs.
We can also ship during this time from Guatemala,
but it takes longer and costs more.
 For more info
Email AtitlanArts@gmail.com
or CALL our US skype tel 919-725-7336
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