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January 2017-2018:

Homework Helpers, Scholarships & Higher Education Program

"Homework Helpers" in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan [Fwd: FOTOS DE ESCUELITA
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Catherine S. Todd <ctodd1000@gmail.com> Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 3:03 PM
See attached photos of our new program for "Homework Helpers" at work in our place in Pana. Cristian, who also teaches music part time at one of the schools and his "right hand man" Jose are helping the students with their homework in our large apartment in Panajachel since I have two computers, printers, internet and more that they can use.
I hope we will be able to expand this to a lot more students as time passes. They currently have thirty minutes on the computer once a week in public school, and very large class sizes with one teacher and no aides. I am very glad that Cristian and Jose are willing and able to do this when there aren't a lot of bead orders to get out.
We now have 24 students signed up for scholarships, which includes all the employees, their families and siblings and all the children of the artisans. It's a lot, but I thank God every day for the small inheritance I received which will be such a blessing for so many. It's a miracle, really.
Will update soon once the students begin school mid-January 2017. Very excited about this!
XXOO Catherine Todd

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From: Cristian Eduardo Alinán Sacach <crissdj.777@gmail.com>
Date: 2016-04-08 14:45 GMT-04:00
To: "Catherine S. Todd" <ctodd1000@gmail.com>

El 8 de abril de 2016, 12:26, Cristian Eduardo Alinán Sacach <crissdj.777@gmail.com> escribió:
adjunto fotos de los jóvenes de la escuelita.
Cristian Alinán
Cel.: 5920-0358 & Oficina: 7762-1004
Gracias por su confianza
Si Dios con nosotros, quien contra nosotros, bendiciones.

"The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need do is set our sails."

AtitlanArts.com and Guatemalan Arts & Crafts
Catherine & Leslie K. Todd, Jr.
3007 Bent Tree Dr. Oxford NC 27565 USA
H 919.693.0853 (leave message)
Free NC Skype Tel to call USA or Guatemala: 919-725-7336

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Fall of 2016 and January 2017:


We have started "Homework Helpers" and the "Higher Education Fund" in the late Fall of 2016, and January 2017 when the students return to school. We will be paying full scholarships for the next two years for 12 students going to school for college preparatory, professional degrees or higher education at the universities in Xela or Guatemala City, or private schools in Solola or Panajachel.

Our excellent accountant Nicolas Ramos will be administering the program and monitoring the students, their grades and meetings with the parents. We have an internet laboratory open every day morning to night, with 6 computers, 3 printers and high-speed internet with Cristian and Jose as tutors and mentors at all times.

We pay for all employees to take English classes, and will bring in special tutors giving group English classes or aid with particular subjects the students need help with.

We also offer arts & crafts and outdoor activities and materials after school or during school breaks. This is all free to the students in the scholarship program. We have paid for all of this out of our own savings and with earnings from AtitlanArts.com and Guatemalan Arts & Crafts.

Thanks to all the customers who have helped make this possible, and to my own relatives who left me a small inheritance that has helped make this dream come true. I couldn't e happier especially when we realize that college for some of the students only costs $1,000.00 USD per year in Guatemala, which is almost impossible for many to pay, but is EASY for we gringos to provide.


What an incredible difference we can all make for truly motivated students who just need a small hand up, not a handout. It's really easy to do and I am so grateful that this is so.


There is no free school or student loans in Guatemala, so this will be of great benefit to everyone concerned. This will also make Generational Change, as when these young people have professional jobs they will be able to send their children to school and the lives of the entire family will change for the better!

I am very happy and proud that we are in a position to help all of our employees and their siblings and families, and doing more for the artisans and their families. Plus we were able to find wonderful Dr. Mike and HealingTheChildren.org for hearing aids for one of our of our artisans, the wife of Nicolas of Santiago.

We take no salaries, and are donating all profit and a good percentage of my personal savings to accomplish these new educational and medical projects, and will be looking for ways for our artisans and family members to work on income-producing projects to generate funds for scholarships which will make generational change.


I couldn't be happier about this wonderful program and will keep this section updated as the years and semesters pass by. Thanks to all the customers of AtitlanArts.com who have also made this educational scholarships possible. Gracias, amigos, and gracias a Dios!




 1. Three students working in the computer laboratory (above)

 2. Rosario working on one of the laptops in the computer lab (above)


3. Cristian (on crutches) helping Pablo David with mathematics (David passed!) 


 4. Rosario with her 2016 grades! (how to right this photo in Shopify?)


* * * * * * 

Rosario Ratzan with Catherine Todd in Santiago, Atitlan (2012)


Rosario Ratzan Tiney & Catherine Todd (right), beading co-op in Santiago

Life School in Panajachel
Women from new beading co-op in San Jorge la Laguna

LongWayHomeInc.org building a technical school in Comalapa


2009-2010-2011  Projects we help support or are developing:

LifeSchoolweb.com ~ new computer lab, walkways for the school

AUYDA for the Health of Cats and Dogs in Guatemala: street dogs in Pana ~ vaccines, sterilization, medicines, leashes & collars

Workshops to bring new designs and training to the artisans, to open up new international markets

Working with Beading Co-ops with women from San Jorge la Laguna, Santiago and other villages around the lake

Free eye exams with subsequent medical treatment, glasses and eye operations as required

Backpacks, school supplies and scholarships for students and the schools


Building construction with recycled materials and working with LongWayHome,Inc.org

   who is building with used tires, rammed earth, plastic bottle "bricks" using plastic water bottles filled with sand or dirt.

Survivors of hurricane Agatha in June 2010 ~ food, clothing, cash to buy new tools and household goods.

 A second hurricane blew through just two months later, again with huge mudslides, houses falling into the river or the lake, bridges washed out, roads destroyed, and big boulders crashing down on market areas which caused the roads to be closed for over  two months, and killing or injuring many residents. Add in a volcano eruption, airport closed in Guatemala to clean off the ash, and a giant sink hole that appeared nearly 60 feet deep, swallowing an entire clothing factory in Guatemala City.  It had been five years since Hurricane Stan, which destroyed much of the town of Panajachel and villages around the lake. Just as recovery was almost complete, these second climate changes did a repeat performance. The people pray and pick up what they can and start rebuilding immediately. It's really incredible to watch them work together and we do all we can do to help.



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