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Working with Our Artisans


 Rosario & Catherine 2009. Rosario (left) embroidered the beautiful "Birds of Santiago" on my dress.

Rosario and some of the women in the beading co-op she works with in Santiago, Lake Atitlan. 2009

Volcano view from my balcony of Lovely Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala 2008

Our neighbor Anselma making beaded belts in her home 2010

Alicia & Anselma and beautiful flat beaded bracelets

Alicia & Anselma in our workroom, with new designs for bracelets, 2010


Delfia & artisans, going over new designs and orders. Panajachel, Lake Atitan, Guatemala, 07-14-12


 Delfia, Catherine & artisans in Design Studio 07-14-12 


We practice Social Responsibility, Fair Trade principles and help the families of our artisans with medical and educational expenses. The artistans set their own prices and work from the comfort of their own home, enabling them to care for children, family members and daily life. We have regular production meetings and don't burden them with strict deadlines, enabling them to work at their own pace.

We also support MayanFarmilies.org in Panajachel and many other community projects.

See "About Us" for more information or how you can visit or help!


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