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Museum Mix - 100 Keychains


Assorted Keychains

Contact us for bulk rate /wholesale prices! We give a substantial 50% discount based on quantity of 100 or more (this "mix" is listed at the bulk price of $3.00 each, 100 for $300.00; premium keychains are a bit more). Email us for your discount code for other purchases as well.

We will put together a mix of our most popular keychains based on the kind of museum, zoo, gift shop, store, group, club or organization you have, as well as what we have in stock. Sold in groups of 100 assorted keychains at a time.

Email us with the kind of keychains you like, and we'll put your group together. We also create specialty keychains for special events, such as camel keychains we did for the "Orient Express" show at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. We love special orders!

Guaranteed Sale: any item can be exchanged at any time for a more popular one, based on your individual store sales.